20-20 Print
918 Printery
Artesanias Graficas
Baltimore Museum of Industry
Beefchicken Industries
Berci Letterpress Services Inc.
BnS Press
Bob's Printing
Buffalo Gap Historic Village
Burkhart Typesetting Co.
Burnaby Village Museum
Carillon Historical Park
Celina Area Heritage Museum
Central Mississippi Office Supply, Inc.
Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation
Childress County Heritage Museum
Newspaper Museum In Collinsville, Oklahoma
Cordova Historical Museum
David M. MacMillan
Dearinger Printing & Trophy, Inc.
Deep Wood Press
DWRI Letterpress
Ecomusée Voltaire
El Tiempo
The Federal Standard Printing Works
Fjeld-Ljoms Venner
Fosters Daily Democrat
George Macneill
Goldfield Ghost Town
Gulgong Pioneer Museum
Heritage Park Historical Village
Hillside Press
Historic Pioneer Park
The Honolulu Star-Advertiser
Imperial Valley Pioneer Museum
International Printing Museum
Interrobang Letterpress
Ivas Printing, Inc.
John Rawlins
Lakeview Press
Larry B. Newman Printing Co.
Los Angeles Times
Letterpress Services
Mackenzie Printery
Mahoning Dispatch
McCune Art and Books Collection Fund
Mike DeCoursey
The Mining Heritage Center
Miracle of America Museum
Missouri Press Association Museum
Monumental Press & Type Foundry
Museu Dom José
Museums Victoria |
NA Graphics
Newaygo County Museum and Heritage Center
Oficina Tipográfica São Paulo
Orange County Register
Osoyoos and District Museum and Archives
The Palm Beach Post
Penrith Museum of Printing
Platen Press Museum
The Provost News
Rob Emmerson
The Royal Press
Russell Searle
The Saguache Crescent
Skyline Type Foundry LLC
Smithsonian Institution
The Square Text Press
State Capital Publishing Museum
Stumptown Printers
Superior Letterpress
System Source Computer Museum
Taranaki Typesetters
Tip Type
Traditional Charm Antique Mall
Trail Historical Society Museum
Type & Press
Universidade Federal de Goiás
Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina
University of Wichita
Utah Media Group
Vermillion News
Vernon Museum and Archives
Vesta Pacific Development
Vicksburgh Historical Society
Washington Post
The Wenatchee World
Western Heritage Center
West Kootenay Regional Airport
White Star
Willys Peck (D)
Woodside Press
Working Linotype Museum
Yamhill Linotype Museum

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